The Insurance Contacts page allows you to manage all the contacts at your insurance company. All staff have access to this page, but only users with the Broker Administrator permission will be able to Create, Edit and Delete contacts. The contacts that are added here will also show up on the Insurance Catalogue page if you are subscribed to the Resource Center feature.

Add Contacts

There are two ways to add a contact into the system.

1. Single Contact

By selecting the Add button, you can add a single contact to the list. Once you click Save, you will be redirected to the Edit page, where you can add additional details about the contact.

2. Bulk Upload

By downloading our template and completing it, you can easily upload 100s of contacts in one go. To get started, click the Upload button and then click Download Template.

Required Fields

  • Insurance Company
  • Product Line
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email

All other fields are optional.

Once the template is filled out, click the Upload button again and click Upload File.

Edit Contacts

The Edit Contact page has three tabs.

1. Details

On the details tab, you can specify the contact's title, department and various phone numbers.

2. Addresses

On this tab, you can add various addresses that are associated with the contact. The first address that is added will automatically be marked as the default address.

3. Renewals / Marketing Info

This tab allows you to specify if marketing materials or renewals will be sent to this contact. If either is marked as "Yes," this contact will be included in a list that is generated when deciding which contacts will be included when you are 'going to market' or 'sending renewals.'

Once you are done, click Next to go to Staff and Teams.