On this page, you will set up the basic details about your brokerage firm. These details are used on your reports, outgoing Quotes / Request for Proposals (RFPs) and Client Proposals.


BeneOffice allows you to brand your reports, Quotes / RFP and Client Proposals with your corporate colours and logo. To get an idea of how the colours are used, refer to the screenshots below.

To change your Primary Corporate Colour or Secondary Corporate Colour, click on the colours located under "Corporate Colour" and "Accent Colour." This action will open up a colour selection tool.

To upload your logo, click the Change Logo button. A dialog window will open up. Click Upload Logo to open up your browser file dialog. Search for your logo on your hard disk and click OK / Open to upload.

We recommend the following for your logo:

  • An image with an aspect ratio of 2:1 (width to height) 
  • An image with a resolution of 1000px x 500px 
  • A file size no larger than 300kb
  • A file type of .jpg, .jpeg or .png

Once you have selected the logo you wish to upload, click the Preview button to see how it will appear on your reports. If everything looks good, click Save. This action will send your logo to the BeneOffice servers.

Once you are all done, click Save and Next to move on to Insurance Contacts.